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To Aaron:

Spiderman: http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/4237568/Complete_Marvel_Amazing_Spider-Man_Comics_DVD_part_1.4237568.TPB.torrent





To Sandra:

Converting PDFs into CBZs

  • Open ComicRack
  • Browse your PDF from “Folders”

  • Right Click on the pdf viewed in the bottom.
  • Select “Export Books” and then choose “Convert to CBZ” fom the sub menu.

4- Enjoy 🙂

To Kurapica83

Manga comics are licensed and published in America by Viz Media in English, however digital copies of them are rare and very hard to find. The good thing is that you can read amateur translated works or Scanlations. The word Scanlation is a portmanteau of scan and translation. These works are easily found on various websites such as:

To Rodan52

There are many reasons:

  • I have an huge digital library with hundreds of issues to be uploaded.
  • Each time I upload an issue it gets deleted, and my account now is very close to suspension.
  • The size of a single issue is approximately between 14 to 37 MB.
  • The highest upload space on any free file hosting website is 5GB and I need 20GB.

Unfortunately this process is going to take one hell of a time, however if anyone has a solution I would be glad to cooperate.

To gon7_7

Hunter x Hunter is still ongoing, however the Mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi, is currently on an open hiatus.

To F.M.A2012

Manga Studio is a software product that allows users to scan, create, sketch, and ink digital and soft copies of their manga and comic artwork. It is also an illustration tool. It is inexpensive and easy to use. It has great features that will surely help you on all aspects. It is an incredible software that could make a monkey become a professional artist :D.

Official Website: http://manga.smithmicro.com/

Torrent ;): http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5282875/Manga_Studio_EX_4.0_with_Serial

14 Comments Add yours

  1. sandra54 says:


  2. comicfan says:

    Hi Yasser. Interested in finding out how to get downloads of complete collections of TinTin and Asterix. can you help?

  3. kurapica83 says:

    were can i find digital manga issues?

  4. rodan52 says:

    Dear Yasser,

    You promised to upload all the comics you used to have on the blog. What’s taking you so long?! Can I help in any way?

  5. gon7_7 says:

    why is hunterxhunter no longer released?

  6. F.M.A 2012 says:

    Hi, i’m working on a manga project, is there something like a software that could help me with the layouts, backgrounds and artwork?

  7. rodan52 says:

    ok man, no prob. take ur time

  8. F.M.A 2012 says:


  9. kurapica83 says:

    i see … thx for the links!

  10. gon7_7 says:

    it’s a relief to know that it is still ongoing

  11. I’m interested in french Asterix and Tintin series – can you help me please?

  12. hemant neems says:

    tintin in english please?

  13. Phàm Phu says:

    My childhood comic was Barbe Rouge, but living in Vietnam, I could only get access to a few episodes (2 or 3). How can I access the complete collection of that comic series? I __was__ fluent in French, so the French version is fine.

  14. Allan says:

    Hi – I am very interested in the Barbe Rouge series.
    Do you still have them?

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