The Donald Duck Family Tree!

The first comic book I read in CBR extension was “#0 The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck: Of Ducks, Dimes And Destinies”. All I remembered about Scrooge from my childhood is that he was the cheapest, stingiest, most miserly, turnip-squeezingest, penny-pinching tightwad on Earth. So I wasn’t all enthusiastic about what that old geezer did in his lifetime. However, I found the comic surprisingly interesting and decided to complete “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” and read all related stories. After reading this, Scrooge McDuck became my favorite Disney character alongside Donald Duck.

After having read all these stories, I was particularly interested in Scrooge’s family. Ultimately, I looked up Scrooge’s family on the web and I found out that the whole family was listed in the Donald Duck Family Tree. So I searched for a good version of the tree, but unfortunately the resolution was terrible.

Bad Version

The best version was in a different language and I would have loved it if it were in English.

Good Version

I decided to translate this tree using the English tree and my Photoshop skills. Half way through I decided to add more supporting characters. Now it’s complete and I’m extremely proud of it.

My Version

Hope you like it! 😀

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