Arab Comics: The Middle East’s Leading Archive For Comics

Several Western comic book publications have been translated in Arabic and republished all over the Arab World, most of them have gone to be very successful and were able to make a big impact on the Middle Eastern society. I always found it quite easy to find foreign comics on the web, but when it came to Arabic comics it was almost impossible for me to find anything remotely useful. I felt sorry for our Arab publications and I thought they will eventually perish as the years go by in some dusty, neglected library. This feeling of sorrow consumed my soul as I witnessed everyday the diminishing popularity of the art form I loved most, and the fact that I had to go through hell every time I wanted to download an Arabic comic, made the whole thing worse.

Luckily I stumbled upon a beautiful website named Arab Comics. I was surprised to find an astonishing variety of Arabic comics in such pristine condition, not only did I find comics from diverse dates and eras, but also I found a huge community of people interested in everything related to comics.

I was overjoyed to know that our Arabic comics are well preserved at this wonderful website, and that the culture of comic books hasn’t completely  disappeared from our society. I have found members of the Arab Comics community to be a very lovable and joyous bunch who share unquenchable love for comic books. They are also outstandingly active, as they upload issues of vintage Arabic comics and translate and new foreign series on a daily and steady basis.

Archive of Mickey Magazine including all 2188 issues free to download and enjoy!

The site content and the people are all very impressive. I regard it to be the single most incredible archive of Middle Eastern comic books on the internet, however I find the site to be poorly designed and is exposed almost exclusively to extreme fanatics. I suggest they try and expand their small bubble by making a conscious effort in marketing themselves to broader segments through social media channels and proper branding.

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