D For Digital !

Project Gutenberg started in 1971 by Michael Hart at the University of Illinois with the aim of establishing an electronic public library of 10,000 books, thus creating the “ebook”. After many years of development and enhancement of previous projects and technologies, new projects have been released exclusively for our own pleasure and comfort; apparently, ebooks are now old news.

ebooks have been developed into a new form called Digital Books. This form makes us capable of viewing books in extremely high resolution regardless of their size or picture view. Digital Books also have editable text that can be re-sized and specified to your favorite font.



Blio is a program that opens all kinds of Digital Books in a smart and very creative way. Blio views books using the 3D mode. It can also recite the books in many languages, and organize your library in a bookshelf view “as shown above”.

Here are some of Blio’s top features:

  • It displays books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended.
  • It lets you sync up to 5 devices so your books can go with you wherever you go.
  • Blio’s BookVault lets you access all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you can access the internet.
  • ReadLogic mode intelligently zooms to the next logical text block to simplify reading even on the smallest devices.
  • Multiple reading views, including: text only mode, single page, dual page, tiled pages, or 3D “book view” for realistic page turning.
  • Create a personalized list of reference websites for one-touch look-up of highlighted phrases.
  • Look up phrases or topics in the included browser, without ever leaving the context of your book.
  • It can read the selected book to you, highlighting each words as it does.
  • Full support for audio and video embedded within interactive books.
  • Supports touch interaction for touch-enabled devices.

Blio opens files in the format .xps only.

I’m working on converting my comic book library into .xps  format and enjoy all Blio’s features.

Download Link: http://www.blio.com/downloads

Apart from ebooks there’s a new technology that focuses on distribution and sale of digital files that operate on different platforms such as “iTunes”.

Now this technology is exclusive for comics throughout different programs.

LongBox “LBX”


Longbox Digital is a device and hardware independent platform for the secure distribution, sale and enjoyment of digital comics.

Digital comics are comics that are officially created for the purpose of reading on various devices. The program makes us capable of buying licensed digital comics and reading them using its software. The software is very organized and sorts all your files in a library “as shown above”.

LBX’s software can open files with the format .cbr. It’s not a good reader but it’s very organized.

Download Link: http://longboxdigital.com/longbox-software.html

I’m really fascinated by this incredible technological development and I can’t wait to see more innovations.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linear Fix says:

    Both the programs looks very intuitive, this may how we are browsing textbooks in the future.

    1. yassernazmy says:

      Probably :l

  2. sandra54 says:

    Blio is really cool 🙂

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