Meet The Titans!

Comics are the perfect way to increase the interest level of reading among youngsters. Beside developing good reading skills in children, comics can be a good source of inspiration to them by enhancing their artistic abilities. They can draw images and indulge themselves in playing with colors. Comics also provide valuable general knowledge about important events in history. Adults learned a lot from comic books when they were kids and I always hear them acknowledge them for their role in cultivating their personalities. Illustrators and authors should take lots of credit for this, therefore, I would like to mention some of them and write something about their fascinating styles.

1- Georges Prosper Remi “Hergé”


The notable qualities of Hergé’s stories include their vivid humanism, a realistic feel produced by meticulous and wide ranging research, and Hergé’s “ligne claire” drawing style. Hergé is most famous for The Adventures of Tintin/ Jo, Zette and Jocko/ Quick & Flupke.

2- Edgard Félix Pierre Jacobs


Edgar P. Jacobs was one of the founding fathers of the European comics movement, through his collaborations with Hergé and the graphic novel series that made him famous, Blake and Mortimer. His style is very similar to that of Hergé’s hence they were close friends.

3- Maurice De Bevere “Morris”


Morris became one of the central artists of the magazine, and one of the so-called “La bande des quatre” “Gang of 4”, with Jijé, André Franquin and Will. He did not work at the house of Jijé, contrary to the other two, but all four became very good friends, stimulating each other artistically. Together they laid the foundation for the “Marcinelle school”, the typical style of comics of Spirou which contrasts both stylistically and thematically with the “Ligne claire” used by the group of artists associated with Hergé in Tintin magazine. Morris is famous for creating Lucky Luke along with various other authors.

4- Alberto Aleandro Uderzo


Uderzo drew differently than Herge and other illustrators. His style of drawing includes characters with bulbous noses and flexible harmonic lines which could be described as a half-caricature style. He has lots of collaborations with his friend René Goscinny like Asterix, Oumpah-pah and Jehan Pistolet.

5- André Franquin


Morris and Franquin were coached by Jijé, who had transformed a section of his house into a work space for the two young cartoonists and Will. Franquin’s style is a little bit similar to that of Uderzo’s but Franquin’s had a graphic approach that progressively evolved towards multi-color aesthetics, chiaroscuro and a vigorous sense of movement. He is known for Spirou et Fantasio/ Gaston Lagaffe.

6- Joseph Gillain “Jijé”


Jijé is one of the few European artists to have worked on both realistic and humorous features. After starting in a Hergé-like Ligne claire style, he went on to create his own distinctive style, the so-called Atom style. This style mixed elements of the Ligne Claire with Art Déco elements, and became one of the defining styles of the Franco-Belgian comics. He is best known for being a seminal artist on the Spirou et Fantasio strip, introducing the Fantasio character and creating of one of the first major European western strips, Jerry Spring.

7- René Goscinny

René was an author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic book Astérix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris and Iznogoud with Jean Tabary. His writing style is very humorous and extremely witty.

8- Victor Hubinon


Hubinon experimented with humorous, caricature stories in his early years as a comics artist, but he mostly stuck to his realistic work, such as Buck Danny and Redbeard. When Charlier, together with a few friends like René Goscinny, created the new comic magazine Pilote in 1959, he started the series of Redbeard, which would continue for some twenty years.

9- Jean Tabary


Tabary began a long-lasting collaboration with René Goscinny, creating the series Les aventures du Calife Haroun el Poussah. Shifting its focus and title name to the evil protagonist/anti-hero of the series “Iznogoud” which became a considerable success allover the world. His style is very similar to that of Franquin and Uderzo but with realistic noses and smaller bodies.

10- Carl Barks


Carl Barks created his own facial expressions, figures and comical situations in his drawings. He also mastered the use of the pen and its use of coloring and shading. He is famous for illustrating for the Disney studio and creating many Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge issues.

11- Keno Don Hugo Rosa


Rosa’s drawing style is considered much more detailed and elaborate than that of most Disney artists. His stories are very easily recognized due to his unique drawing style, his works are extremely detailed and with various expressions. He normally uses about 12 frames per page, instead of the common 8. Rosa’s works include subtle references to his favorite works of fiction as well as his own previous work. His masterpiece “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” has been highly influenced by previous works of Carl Barks, and has shown absolute genius in relating them to his story’s timeline.

12- James Robert Davis


Jim follows the regular caricature style with lots of curvy lines and comic expressions. He specializes in drawing characters with big oval eyes. Jim is very good with jokes, gags and puns which make him a very witty author. He is known for creating the comic strip Garfield which is the fastest selling comic strip in the world.

13- Frank Miller


Miller created the film noir style which is very similar to dramatic flashes of Holly Wood movies. His known for Batman The Dark Knight, Sin City and 300.

These fascinating artist have changed our lives with their amazing creativity and cracking humor. They played a big role in the development of comic books and filled our lives with joy and excitement. They certainly deserve all kinds of credit and recognition for their marvelous publications and they without a doubt, deserve the title of “Titans”.

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