The Birth of Comic Books!

“The Adventures of Mr.Obadiah Oldbuck” or “Histoire de M. Vieux Bois” is considered the earliest comic book ever known, it was published in 1837 by Rudolphe Töpffer in England and most of Europe. In 1842, it became the first comic book to be published in the United States.

1841 London Edition
First Page
Restored Edition
1842 New York Edition

English comics are considered the earliest and oldest of all comics, although in modern times English comics have been largely superseded by American comic books and Japanese Manga.

Top comic book industries by country:

1- Japan

2- The United States

3- France and Belgium combined

4- England

The comic book industry in both nations is an important pillar in their economies and cultures. The industry has also been important for several other nations e.g. “Italy, Denmark, Brazil and The Netherlands”.

American comics specialize in the Superhero genre. Unlike American comics, English comics are not highly fictionalized and focus more on humorous stories that contained pranks and jokes.

Famous Comics:

English – 1938
U.S.A - First issue of "Action Comics", 1938 "Superman's Debut"
U.S.A - Detective Comics #27, 1939 "Batman's Debut"
U.S.A - Issue #15 of "The Amazing Fantasy", 1962 "Spiderman's Debut"

Many of the comics shown above have been running for many years and gaining noteworthy success and fame. So here’s a list of the Longest Running Comics and their first issues.

Longest Running Comics:

1- Il Giornalino,1924       Country: Italy

First Issue

2- Detective Comics,1937     Country: U.S.A

First Issue

3- The Dandy, 1937      Country: England

First Issue

In my next post I will discuss the success of this glorious industry in France and Belgium.

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