Comic Books On My Computer

You can find lots of comic books online mainly on Torrents; it’s actually very hard to find a Torrent with good quality comics,  so I pretty much took my chances with lots of Torrents till I was finally able to complete my collection. In the near future I will create a Torrent with all my comics so that anyone interested will find what he desires easily.



2-The Adventures of Tintin

3-Lucky Luke  “French”

3-Rantanplan  “French”

4-Iznogoud  “French”

5-Jehan Pistolet  “French”

6-Oumpah-Pah “French”

7-Luc Junior “French”


9-The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

10-Don Rosa Complete Comic Collection

11-Carl Barks Library

12-Blake and Mortimer  “French”

13-Barbe-Rouge “French”

Some French comics are found online in English but unfortunately they’re incomplete.

22 Comments Add yours

  1. Wafaa Sallam says:

    Yasser, I am proud of you son, keep up the good work.

  2. baoyang31 says:

    Can you help me download TinTin? Plzz!!

  3. 5jjsmith says:

    Wow! Scrooge McDuck!!! Plzzz help I was looking for this for ages 🙂

  4. paulowen3 says:

    Can you help me download TinTin and Asterix? Plzzz!!

  5. natalieparker3 says:

    Cool!! Ive always wanted to get 300. Can you help? 😀

  6. markadams23 says:

    I can speak French 🙂 Can you share all of the French comics? 😀

  7. annabrook31 says:

    Love Don Rosa”s work 🙂 Can you share?

  8. Max says:

    Great work man 😀 Do you have any superhero comics?

  9. Sean says:

    Nice! Plz Share everything

  10. Natalie says:

    Great blog! Plz Share 😀

  11. Robin says:

    Great news!! Plzzz share

  12. yassernazmi says:

    Thx!! When I create the torrent I will give you all links 😀

  13. emily4 says:

    Carl Barks!! I love this guy 🙂 Plzz hurry up with the torrent :O

  14. didiwright says:

    Nice 😉

  15. linda34 says:

    Great!! I speak French too 🙂 plzz share soon 😀

  16. kjacobs722 says:

    Cool blog!! 😉 Can’t wait for this torrent 😀

  17. Gaff says:

    Nice Collection 🙂 Scrooge McDuck is the best. Plz share soon 🙂

  18. ComicPro1014 says:

    Hmmmm…. Really good collection 🙂 Great blog keep it up 😀

  19. lindaadams22 says:

    YESSS!!! Iznogoud!! I alomst went crazy looking for that!! 😀 Plzz Share

  20. tinkerbelle36 says:

    Lovely blog 🙂 Plz share TinTin 😀

  21. amycolin says:

    Franco-Belgian comics are the best 🙂 plz share

  22. nivi says:

    can you please share asterix and tin tin?

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