The Many Faces Of Comic Books

The sheer amplitude of comic books invites comparisons between genres and authors, thus making it even more interesting to a variety of people.

The Most Prominent Comic Book Genres:

1-Action Comics

2-Horror Comics

3-Humor and Satire Comics

4-Adventure Comics

5-Superhero Comics

6-Science Fiction Comics

7-Crime Comics

8-War Comics

9-Fantasy/Fairy Tale Comics

10-Adult Comics      “Inappropriate for under 19”

I do agree that some comics are actually useless and not at all beneficial, so please be sure to get your child what he likes but with caution.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. 5jjsmith says:

    I love superhero comics especially ” The Amazing Spiderman ” 🙂

    Do you know how to download the complete editions of spiderman ? PLZZZ!!! Hlp 😦

  2. paulowen3 says:

    Adventure Comics Rule!!!!

  3. markadams23 says:

    Action comics are the best 😀

  4. natalieparker3 says:

    I like 3 and 7

  5. annabrook31 says:

    Humor comics are great 🙂

  6. baoyang31 says:

    Adventure! 🙂

  7. yassernazmi says:

    Here’s a great torrent for ” The Amazing Spiderman ”

    Download Site –

    Direct Download –

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