Why Digital?

Having comics in a digital medium on your computer or any digital medium is extremely awesome, because this means you can have thousands of comics right at your service whenever you desire to access them; you can carry them around with you wherever you go. “If you store your comic books on a laptop or any portable device”

You don’t have to scan all your comics to view them on your computer, because some of them or all of them are already on the internet. You can also find some missing comic books from your collection or even comics you were interested in reading but couldn’t find them anywhere. You can use any of these comics to create your own “Digital Comic Book Collection”.

If you have trouble completing your collection you can access a comic book database on the internet to find your missing comics.

Comic books can be found and created in many different extensions:

Note: The file name extension indicates the archive type used.

.cbr → .rar

.cbz → .zip

.cb7 → .7z

.cbt → .tar

.cba → .ace

Comics are not necessarily stored as Comic Book Archives, but can also be stored as .pdf or any Ebook format.

Many comics are stored as PDFs, but i prefer converting them into CBR because the Adobe Acrobat is a poor viewer for comic books.

ComicRack can automatically convert PDF files to CBZ, and is also a great viewer.

Or you can save the PDF file as JPG and then create a new Comic Book Archive as explained in older posts.

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  1. Posky says:

    Thank you for the heads up. This is useful information.

  2. paulowen3 says:

    OOOOOH! I see 😀 Thanks for clearing this up

  3. baoyang31 says:

    Thx! now I will make myself a nice collection 😀

  4. 5jjsmith says:

    Wow! That’s really useful 😀 Nice Job 🙂

  5. markadams23 says:

    Great Effort 😀 Keep up the good work 🙂

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    Coool 😀 Great Job 🙂 Keep it up

  7. annabrook31 says:

    Awesome Job 😀

  8. yassernazmi says:

    Thank you guys 🙂

    I really appreciate it 😀

  9. Mike says:

    Great blog man 😀

  10. Joe says:

    Best comic blog ever 🙂

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